New Thermal Break Windows Now Available!

Channelglaze unveils its latest innovation. The long awaited thermally broken aluminium boat window that ticks all the boxes.

  • Inbuilt insulation within the frames, making a huge impact on the overall performance of the window.
  • A continuous barrier between the inside and outside prevents energy loss and keeps the interior space of the window at a more comfortable temperature.
  • The insulation minimises how much heat is lost from inside and how much cold is transferred from the outside, dramatically reducing the likelihood of condensation, with the potential to eliminate it.
  • Thermally effi cient spacer bar within the double-glazed glass unit, further reducing energy loss and condensation levels.
  • Purpose built, tilted main frame design to allow any water ingress to exit through drainage slots whilst accommodating the tumblehome of the boat.
  • A truly modern and elegant appearance with a well-crafted, solid frame and robust fixtures, ensuring a notably strong window.
  • Available as a Full Hopper or Fixed Pane design, face fi xed or internally clamping in a range of anodised finishes, the new thermal break window is hard to beat.

In an ongoing survey of existing owners, respondents reported excellent internal warmth on their boat and robustness of the windows and very good reductions on condensation levels (only in sub-zero external temperatures).

Respondents would also recommend our thermal break windows to other boat owners. A more comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly window is here that will add value to your boat and boating life.

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